60 Unedited Photos of Pamela Anderson

By Sophia Maddox | August 3, 2023

Surfer Kelly Slater Was One Of The Loves Of Her Life

Pamela Anderson rose to fame in the 1990s, capturing the hearts of audiences everywhere with her stunning beauty and magnetic personality. As the star of the hit TV series Baywatch, Anderson became an international icon, a symbol of glamour and sex appeal in an era that was defined by a certain energy and excitement. Yet, despite her seemingly carefree image, Anderson was grappling with a series of challenges, both personal and professional, as she navigated the murky waters of Hollywood stardom.

From dealing with constant sexualization and objectification to navigating a string of high-profile relationships and controversies, Anderson had to be resilient and resourceful just to survive in an industry that was often hostile and unforgiving.

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One of the biggest relationships in Anderson’s life was surfer Kelly Slater, whom she met on the set of Baywatch. The had an on-again, off-again relationship throughout the ‘90s while they dated other people in spite of their love for one another. Anderson says that their time together was special because they were able to love each other and let each other go. She says:

I’d rather have love for an instant than have a miserable life. I love being in love and being vulnerable and being giving. It’s the only way to live life, being vulnerable.

Sadly, their relationship came to an end in 1994 when Anderson met Tommy Lee. At the time, Anderson was partial owner of a club called “Sanctuary” when Lee showed up one night. The two had a major flirtation, but Anderson was off to Cancun shortly afterwards and she thought that was that and she and Slater would be back together before long. That’s not what happened.

Tommy Lee, Pamela Anderson and Hans Klok, 2007

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2007 was a wild year in the life of Pamela Anderson, a true roller coaster of love and drama. First, there was the surprise wedding to Rick Salomon, a union that was over almost as soon as it began with an annulment. But just when we thought Anderson was taking a break from the dating scene, she decided to revisit a familiar face. Enter Tommy Lee, Anderson's ex and the father of her children. It was a reunion that had everyone talking and before we knew it, Anderson was back living under the same roof with Lee and their kids. It was a move that was equal parts surprising and nostalgic, like a walk down memory lane. We can only imagine the wild moments that must have taken place in that household, but one thing is for sure: Anderson never fails to keep us on our toes!