60 Vintage Photos From Forgotten Moments In History

Rare Collection | April 3, 2019

An Inuit man warms up his wife’s feet in Greenland, 1890s. (photo by Robert E. Peary)

Source: Reddit

The Inuits have been living in Greenland and near the Arctic Circle for generations longer than anyone else who’s spent time in these frosty areas - so if they’re cold then you know you’d be freezing. The Inuit people stretch across the north, from Greenland to Canada, and during the 19th century they were somewhat nomadic.

In the 1850s the Inuit were hired by whalers from Britain and New England to help with the large-scale operations that were staring up in the 19th century. This pic was likely captured on a break from a hard day’s work. Where do you think we can get one of those hats? 

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