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Historical Photos | September 24, 2018

Pat Priest, famous for portraying Marilyn Munster, with the Munster Mobile.

You know how there always seems to be that one kid in a family who doesn't turn out quite right? On The Munsters (1964-66), it was Lily's niece Marilyn Munster, who is pitied by her relatives because she looks so plain and un-grotesque. In fact, Marilyn is a gorgeous young woman, but by the twisted logic of the Munster household she's a freak. Marilyn was first played by Beverley Owen, but Pat Priest, seen here posing with the Munster Koach, took over the role beginning with the 14th episode of the first season. Did the Munsters even notice the change in their leggy blonde niece? Perhaps not, seeing as both Beverley and Pat were so unattractive and hard to look at.

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Josh Robertson


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