61 Photos From Extraordinary Moments In History

By | February 27, 2023

Woodstock, 1969

Get ready for some great historical nuggets of interest and intrigue. We have 36 - count 'em - 36 photos that chart extraordinary, fascinating, and plain bizarre moments in history.

To wet your whistle, not only do we have a young Marilyn Monroe working in a munitions factory, but we also have awestruck photos of the first tattoo lady, the Statue of Liberty's face arriving by boat, Bea Arthur's military ID, a hunky 21 -year old Winston Churchill, and baseball great Lou Gherig's audition photo to play the role of Tarzan.

Let's journey forth into the wild world of imagery intrigue - with photos that will leave you with some great factoids. Onward!

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Source: Reddit

Yay! Woodstock! Smelly hippies and don't take the brown acid. Wooddstock was a 4-day music festival held on a dairy farm in upstate New York which attracted over 400,000 people. In case you didn't know, the movie, Woodstock, is about the Woodstock festival.

Carlos Santana, who performed at Woodstock, was trippin so much on stage that he said his guitar felt like a snake - which caused him to play with a style that would prevent the snake from getting out of his hands. In some weird booking decision, the 1950's retro band, Sha Na Na, went on right before Jimmi Hendrix. The Who's Pete Townsend ended up punching activist Abbie Hoffman, who tried to interrupt their set when he came on stage and attempted a political rant. Hoffman might've been on same drugs as Carlos Santana.

Batgirl Gets Fitted

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It's the 1960s, and Yvonne Craig is being dressed for her role as Batgirl for the campy ABC TV show, Batman. Though you can't tell from this photo, Batgirl wore a purple and yellow outfit. It gets better, she also rode around on a purple motorcycle - just like Prince did. How cool is that?

Craig has been called a pioneer of female superheroes for television. She also appeared on Star Trek as the green-skinned Orion slave girl Marta in the episode "Whom Gods Destroy." I haven't seen the episode, but I assume she gets busy with Capt Kirk.