62 Chilling Photos Of Abandoned Places

By | March 10, 2020

Precariously perched on a rock pillar in the Westman Islands of Iceland, the Prídrangaviti Lighthouse is arguably the most isolated lighthouse in the world.

Get ready for some rotting, decaying, dilapidated structures that scream safety concerns. Yes, we have 63 photos of abandoned buildings from all over the world, that we are pretty darn sure are haunted. Let's dive into some ultra-creepy amusement parks that have been closed for decades and are now filled with the silent screams of kids that have long departed. Or the crumbling remnants of once glorious hotels that are now inhabited by rats and other types of vermin. We'll also journey to empty sports stadiums that have been left to rot; long after the last victory lap has been run. Also, see what's left of an Austrian nightclub after it was ravaged by a fire. Yes, basically, we have 63 locations that would make for a courageous urban explorer's dream. One thing that wont be abandoned is this photo gallery - because these images are fascinating. Onward!

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Talk about the most loneliest lighthouse in the world. You almost want to give the Prídrangaviti Lighthouse in the Westman Islands of Iceland a hug. This Icelandic lighthouse was built in 1938, right before the onset of World War II. And by no means was building a remote Icelandic lighthouse an easy task. Construction workers had to scale the cliff to reach where to lay the lighthouse groundwork. What else did they face? Slick rocks, rain, and heavy winds - leaving the workers safe in the knowledge that one misstep would land them in the icy-cold North Atlantic Ocean that rages below. Now-a-days, workers can take a helicopter for needed repairs.

One of Pablo Escobar’s drug planes that crashed in the Bahamas and abandoned while on the way to south Florida.

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The fish that were swimming around this wreckage must have been high as hell. If you're ever in the Bahamas, you can snorkel past the corroded remains of one of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar’s smuggling planes. This fossil of drug-smuggling past can be found off a quiet little island in the corner of The Bahamas. The sunken WWII-era military plane was used to transport Pablo Escobar's expanding cocaine trade to the USA. In 1980, the Curtiss C-46 Commando landed short of the runway - which resulted in it basically resting on a shallow sandbank.  The plane was abandoned. But not the cargo; that was hurriedly recovered - since it was worth more more than the entire cost of some stupid plane.