62 Heartwarming Animal Photos And The Story Behind Them

Animals in History | October 1, 2018

Kevin Richardson, known as the Lion Whisperer, takes a selfie with a lion

Source: Reddit

This is one of the cutest human-animal selfies you will ever see -- it's also considered by many animal experts to be the height of stupidity. The man in this picture is Kevin Richardson of South Africa, the so-called "Lion Whisperer." Richardson runs a private wildlife sanctuary, near Pretoria, where he is amazingly friendly with the beasts. Videos of Richardson interacting with lions are popular on YouTube and fascinating to watch. But these big cats are still wild, potentially-ferocious animals -- in fact, a woman was killed by a lion at Richardson's facility in February 2018. Does Richardson have a bond with this king of the jungle that has prevented him from meeting the same fate? Or has he just been really, really lucky?

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