A Father and Daughter Went Fishing—Accidentally Discover 152-Year-Old Shipwreck

By Bo Beard | May 12, 2024

The adventure

During the spring season, an elementary school in Wisconsin organized a special event to honor a young explorer, kindergartener Henley Wollak, and her father, Tim, who stumbled upon the 152-year-old shipwreck of the George L. Newman.

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The adventure began in August 2023 when Henley and Tim were at their favorite spot in Green Island, Wisconsin, for fishing and swimming. 

Tim's fish finder

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While Tim's fish finder indicated a potential shipwreck in the vicinity, 5-year-old Henley amusingly mistook the image for the mythical "Green Bay Octopus." Tim shared their discovery on social media groups, initially speculating that it might be the known wreck of the Erie L. Hackley.