A Look at Royalty

Excited children watch HRH Elizabeth II during the opening ceremony for the Lagan Bridge in Belfast, Northern Ireland, 09 March. AFP PHOTO (Photo credit should read STR/AFP/Getty Images)

What would it be like to live like a king (or Queen) and live in a castle? Here is a little peek into the royal line.

The oldest form of government in the United Kingdom, the monarchy with a king or queen as Head of State, resides with an elected Parliament to make and pass legislation for the country. Queen Elizabeth II represents her country well, as she travels all over the world, making speeches (as shown above) and addressing concerns that affect the citizens of the country. She is quite active in her role, meeting and greeting thousands of people throughout the year. Sometimes people are not sure how to address the Queen when given the chance to meet her. There are no hard and fast rules, just simple basic courtesy with a simple curtsy or bow. It’s all about respect for those who have the rule over you, which a lot of people have lost sight of today.