A Mythological Family of Monsters

By Penny Chavers
Typhon, God of War/image from God of War Wiki - Fandom
Greek mythology is filled tales of heroes and monsters. The heroes are often demigods who go on quests to protect or avenge their mortal families. These quests usually involve slaying monsters. But what they never stop to think about is whether the monsters have families too. As it turns out, they do have a family – one big not-so-happy family.

The “father of all monsters” in Greek mythology was Typhon, sometimes called Typhoeus. The last son of Gaea and Tartarus, he was a fire-breathing dragon with a hundred heads. He was born after the Olympians had defeated the Titans because Gaea wanted revenge against Zeus for imprisoning her children. During their first battle, Typhon ripped out Zeus’s tendons, though they were eventually retrieved and returned to him by Hermes. Typhon was ultimately defeated by Zeus’s lightning bolts and imprisoned beneath Mount Etna. But not before he could marry Echidna and sire many of the most famous monsters of Greek mythology.

Echidna, the “mother of all monsters” was half woman, half snake. Like Typhon, she was a child of Gaia and Tartarus, though her genealogy varies by author. She lived in a cave and would prey upon anyone unfortunate enough to pass by it. She was eventually killed in her sleep by Argus Panoptes.