A Palace Made of Corn…Only in America

By | November 26, 2018

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Originally built in 1892 and modified several times, the Corn Palace, which doubles as an auditorium and tourist attraction, is refreshed each year. Mitchell, South Dakota (Photo by Carol M. Highsmith/Buyenlarge)

Believe it or not, half a million tourists every year flock to Mitchell, South Dakota, to visit the Corn Palace, a strange tourist attraction that celebrates the wonders of… you guessed it…corn. The Corn Palace claims to be the world’s only corn palace and it features giant murals created out of kernels of corn. As corny as it sounds, the Corn Palace has put Mitchell on the map. Here are some wacky facts about the campy Corn Palace. 

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It Has Been in Operation a Long Time

The Corn Palace opened in 1892 when Mitchell was a newly-formed town, only about 12 years old. This was just a few years after South Dakota received statehood in 1889. Eager to show the rest of the country that South Dakota had a robust agricultural economy, the city officials constructed the Corn Palace on Mitchell’s Main Street where everyone passing through could see it. This year, the Corn Palace celebrated 125 years in operation.