Abraham Lincoln's Jokes: The 16th President's Forgotten Sense Of Humor

By | September 17, 2019

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The Man Certainly Knew His Way Around A Quote. Source: (azquotes.com)

Abraham Lincoln stands as one of the most revered and respected Presidents in U.S history. Though the 16th president of the United States is most remembered for helping end slavery, he also reunited the country after the bloodiest war in American history. Honest Abe established the U.S. National Banking system, created the progressive tax system, and became the only president to hold a patent.

However, Abraham Lincoln's most underrated qualities as a president were his humor and wit. Believe it or not, the towering 6'4" president was notorious for his sense of humor and uproarious banter. Clearly, ending slavery was no laughing matter, but Abraham Lincoln's jokes lightened the mood in even the heaviest of moments. How did Lincoln develop his infamous sense of humor, and how did he use it to his advantage?

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Old Abe Smoking Tobacco, undated. Source: (Photo by The New York Historical Society/Getty Images)

"No Matter How Much Cats Fight, There Always Seems To Be Plenty Of Kittens."

This Abraham Lincoln joke was a ribald observation about the Union and Confederacy during the majority of Lincoln's tenure as President. They might have fought like cats and dogs, but the country, though divided, marched on and continued making babies. Even in the face of terrible tension, Lincoln found time for a joke.