After A Tragic Home Invasion, The Suspects Burst Into Tears When The Judge Read His Verdict

By | July 21, 2022

Just a Teen

Teenagers are prone to making stupid mistakes that they'll end up regretting. Sometimes, the mistakes are minor and inconsequential. At other times, they're so grave, they change the trajectory of their lives and that of everyone else involved. 

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In this story, we follow the horrifying atrocities caused by two teenagers. Jacob Mouzon, age 17, and Drake Campbell, age 18, were charged with attempted murder and murder after robbing a resident in South Carolina. 

Twisted Fate

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Jacob and Drake probably did not imagine things to turn out this way. There must have been a point in their lives where they dreamed of becoming people with bright futures. However, it did not turn out that way because of a twisted fate… The two boys ended up