Amazing Meteorite Stories That Changed People’s Lives

By | February 15, 2019

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Willamette's huge Meteorite (Oregon, United States). 1920's. Source: (Photo by Boyer/Roger Viollet/Getty Images)

Meteorites fall from the sky sometimes landing in peculiar places with peculiar dimensions. Some are enormous and some of these just bring out unusual behavior with the people who come into contact with them. These events of nature can sometimes cause “freak” accidents to people and property. In some of these cases, this falling object from the sky has turned people’s lives upside down and wreaked havoc in their lives because of greed and notoriety.

One such case happened because of a meteorite that fell in Oregon.

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Largest Meteorite Found in America. Source: (

The Willamette meteorite, which was found by Ellis Hughes in 1902, was one of the largest meteorites found in the United States. The problem was that the place that Hughes found it at was not on his own property but rather on his neighbor’s property. Realizing that this was not just an ordinary big rock, he came up with a scheme to somehow get it off his neighbor’s property and onto his own. This land it fell on was, ironically, the property of Oregon Iron and Steel Company.

After moving it less than a mile over a three month period, he enclosed it in a building and began to share the news that he had “found” it and started charging people a fee to view it. Eventually, he got caught and his fraud was discovered, most likely because he had previously tried to buy that part of the property. He ended up in a lawsuit and was forced to give it back.