Backstage Secrets Hidden And Not Meant For The Audience

By | June 1, 2021

Which Two Spice Girls Had A Fling?

Our favorite musicians give us great performances in the studio and on stage, but backstage glimpses and behind-the-scenes facts tell us even more. They are human beings who sometimes keep it real and other times behave like divas. Some of their behavior is relatable and other things they do will blow your mind. In the end, it's a loop that tells you more about the music you already love -- take a look at these scenes of performers living everyday lives, and enjoy these tales of what happened backstage and stories behind the moments that made them pop stars and rock gods.

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Source: InStyle

Part of the formula of the Spice Girls' success was doing things differently than girl groups that had preceded them. Rather than wear matching outfits, they decided to express their individuality, and the different, often conflicting fashion choices helped cultivate their five separate identities. Geri Halliwell tells a story that in the early days of the group, they all wore matching Adidas t-shirts for a performance and it just wasn't working.

Though they were known for being somewhat outrageous and free-spirited in their personal behavior, but Mel B.'s 2019 revelation was a bombshell: that she and Geri Halliwell had a one-off sexual encounter. Mel B. (that's Scary Spice) spilled the beans to Piers Morgan on his Life Stories show as the group members were all gearing up for their reunion tour:

It’s a fact. It just happened and we just giggled at it and that was it.

Halliwell (Ginger Spice, whose last name is Horner), said the story was untrue, and tension ensued, with some back-and-forth sniping in interviews. The Girls seemed to put it behind them once the tour got underway.

Linda Ronstadt Was 'Tricked' Into This Back Shot By Annie Leibovitz

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Leibovitz dressed Ronstadt in red lingerie and set about getting some playful shots of the star -- including one taken while Ronstadt's back was turned. It had been agreed that Leibovitz would show Ronstadt and her manager Peter Asher the photos before publication. Leibovitz "brought the projector over and very politely showed us the pictures," Ronstadt told Goldmine. "We said, 'Oh, we can't use those,' and she said, 'I didn't say that you could choose them. I just said I could let you see them.' At which point Peter unceremoniously threw her out of the house."

And here's the tricky part about stardom -- the bed photo was indeed printed in the magazine over Linda's objection and, along with the sexy come-hither cover portrait, no doubt helped sell even more Linda Ronstadt records and concert tickets.