Banned Vintage Advertisements That Took It Way Too Far

By | November 14, 2022

Ketchup, famously hard to open

You won’t believe what they used to claim in advertisements of the past! From outrageous claims to total falsehoods to blatant sexism and racism, it seems the Mad Men of days gone by could get away with being insensitive, inaccurate, and politically incorrect all in the name of advertising. 

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Ah, yes…women. The fairer sex. So weak and frail that they need a big, strong man to help them with those difficult household chores, like opening a catsup bottle. Alcoa is, of course, offering a super helpful product and, yea, we have all struggled with opening bottles from time to time. But this ad presents that innovative product in such a sexist and stereotyped way that it comes across as offensive…at least it does as we look back at it fifty-plus years later.

The chef does everything but cook 

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Even though women were advocating for an equal share of the workforce, societal norms still dictated that women be dutiful housewives. The sixties and seventies were filled with cultural references sharing the belief that women should stay at home, keeping house and raising the children, and advertising played into this old-fashioned notion with ads like this one that states that women are supposed to cook for their husbands. It seemed as though advertising companies were doing their part to reverse any progress that women’s lib made by continuing with sexist ads like this one.