The Battle Of Berlin: What Happened And How Hitler Was Finally Defeated

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As brutal and gruesome as World War II was, the most vicious of the fighting was saved for its final days. In the Battle of Berlin, the Soviet Army pounced on the German stronghold and turned the city into rubble with no care for human life, property, or even art. As Hitler hid underground and Berliners braced for the worst, the full horror of war was on display in this final push to defeat the Nazis.

The Last Days Of World War II

At the onset of the Battle of Berlin on April 16, 1945, Hitler was living in a dreamworld in his underground bunker. After hearing about the death of FDR, he thought that it was only a matter of time before the Allies fell apart and his Nazi scientists came up with some kind of super weapon. Against the wishes of his advisors, he stayed in Berlin. He was kidding himself: The end of the war was in sight, and with supplies and resources dwindling in Germany, the Nazis readied themselves for a gruesome final stand against the Allies.