60 Beautiful Discoveries In The Most Unexpected Places


Abandoned Soviet passenger Hydrofoil rusting away in the autumn forest near Kama Reservoir

Many places of interest around the world have been abandoned or destroyed for various reasons. Some of these places are picturesque or entertaining such as amusement parks where many people once took vacations to. Besides the vacation hot spots that were abandoned, there are also some not so beautiful abandoned houses and wrecked vehicles (cars, planes, boats, etc.) that leaves one intrigued with mystery as to the details of those wrecks and stories behind those old abandoned houses.
Source: Reddit

A rocket on water?  In the 1960s, Russia introduced these high-speed, high passenger machines to get around on the waterways much faster.  There were used until the 1980's and were given cool names like "Sputnik," "Comet," and "Meteor."  This particular one was used in a fleet of vessels considered to be heroes in the Russian waterways.  It could rise up out of the water at very high speeds.  But when economic collapse hit the Soviet Union, production stopped and they were sent to die in this ship graveyard near Perm.