Behind Closed Doors: Insights into Scientology's Unique Philosophies

By Sophia Maddox | April 26, 2024

Keep Your Eye Out For The Marcabians

The intriguing and enigmatic beliefs of Scientology have been at the center of the zeitgeist for decades, but many people may not know exactly what goes on inside the wall of this celebrity focused church. Today we're going to delve into some of the lesser-known aspects of this controversial religion, shedding light on concepts such as Xenu, engrams, the tone scale, thetans, and silent births.

Delve deeper into the complexities of Scientology's unique teachings and gain a deeper understanding of this intriguing religion that has attracted significant attention and controversy over the years. Let's embark on this enlightening journey together and continue exploring the fascinating world of Scientology.

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Drawing from his background as a science fiction writer, L. Ron Hubbard crafted a race of malevolent extraterrestrial beings called the Marcabians to add an enticing element to his storytelling.

The Marcabians think of Earth, or Teegeeack if you're a Marcabian, as a place where they can dump prisoners and individuals deemed socially undesirable. By erasing their memories and dispatching their thetans near nearby volcanoes, the Marcabians utilize our planet for this purpose. Furthermore, these creatures claim responsibility for the creation of the human species, which fuels their belief that they have a legitimate claim over both our bodies and the Earth itself.

There is also speculation that their ultimate objective is to subject everyone on our planet to brainwashing, aiming to establish complete dominion. Thankfully this has yet to come to pass.

The Tone Scale

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According to the established teachings of Scientology, a crucial aspect of achieving success lies in the ability to effectively understand and respond to others. While this notion may not be entirely surprising, Scientology goes further by asserting that the majority of individuals struggle to accurately discern the underlying emotions behind outward expressions.

To demystify human behavior, Scientology has developed a tool called the tone scale. This scale serves as a guide for practitioners, enabling them to interpret people's emotional states and appropriately respond to them. The aim is to enhance their capacity to read individuals and provide suitable emotional reactions in various situations.

The tone scale runs from -40 to 40, and the higher the score the better. A score of 40 is described as “Serenity of Beingness.” A 1.1 is considered secret antagonism and describes someone who can’t be trusted. Essentially, anyone who's against Scientology is a 1.1. But it's not just Scientology's enemies that score a 1.1, members of the LGBTQ+ community are automatically considered a 1.1 on the tone scale and they can only crawl their way out of that score by gaining spiritual elevation through heterosexuality.