Behind The Scenes: Photos Hidden Away Not Meant For The Screen

By | October 25, 2022

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A peek behind the scenes or an untold story can reveal so much more about our favorite shows and movies. Why did Mary Tyler Moore wear that silly wig on her new show, and who were those Hanson brothers in Slap Shot? These are the mysteries of the screen (big and small) that stay with us for years, seemingly never to be solved. But there are explanations and anecdotes -- everything has some back story or secret origin. What was in the bottle before Barbara Eden (Jeannie) moved in? What's George Harrison doing in that Monty Python movie? And what is up with the mask that Michael Myers wears -- is it really a Star Trek thing? Take a moment to dig deeper and you might find the fact or tale that makes you enjoy a series or film even more.

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Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman Wore Six Different Costumes

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Source: IMDB

We all know the costume Lynda Carter wore as Wonder Woman -- the star-spangled shorts, the golden eagle bustier, how could anyone forget? Yet on the TV show, which ran from 1975-79, she actually wore several other getups depending on the situation. When we first meet Carter's Wonder Woman, for example, in the TV movie The New Original Wonder Woman (which was retroactively designated the series pilot), she's wearing a white form-fitting minidress and a Lone Ranger-style domino mask.

This first outfit is the athletic garb she and the other Amazons of Paradise Island wear for the contest that will determine who takes wayward pilot Steve Trevor back to the civilization of men and women. To go out into this brave new world, Wonder Woman is given a red, white, blue and gold outfit that is essentially the costume she wears 95% of the time for the rest of the series (although in the series pilot she wears a short skirt instead of hot pants -- minor detail). In the episode "The Bushwhackers," Wonder Woman gets what's called the "western" outfit, which involves a red top and white riding pants. In a few episodes, she wears a full-length blue spandex body suit, which is either a wetsuit (when she's swimming, duh) or a motorcross outfit (when she's wearing a helmet and riding a bike) -- but it's the same garment in either situation. At another point in the series, she wears what might be called a "formal" outfit, which includes a blue skirt and a red, white and blue cape. Finally, there's a second Paradise Island outfit, which Carter wore in at the beginning of the second season during a recap of her origin story -- this one was more like a white one-piece swimsuit with a diaphanous skirt. A girl's gotta have options.