Behind The Scenes: Photos Hidden Away Not Meant For The Screen

Rare Collection | May 18, 2021

The tone of the 1968 space farce Barbarella is established early on, with star Jane Fonda slowly wriggling out of her space suit in zero-gravity. The special effect was achieved by having her writhe in states of undress on a pane of glass for a camera positioned below. Fonda was a sex symbol already, but this sequence was pushing her limits. 

Jane Fonda Was Drunk When She Filmed 'Barbarella's Opening Striptease

Source: IMDB

Nerves and modesty caused her to seek liquid courage for the scene. "I drank a lot of vodka," she told Good Morning America. "I was drunk out of my mind and kind of moving to the song."

If you've seen the scene, you didn't actually see Jane Fonda in her state of inebriation -- that's because the sequence turned out to be unusable. She had to come back the next day, with a massive hangover, and do it all over again.

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