Biden and Mayorkas Still Owe Border Agents an Apology for 'Whipping' Lie

By Carver Malone | May 7, 2024

Security reasons

Recall the fabricated tale spun by left-leaning individuals regarding Border Patrol officers allegedly using whips on migrants at the southern border, with President Biden and DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas eagerly joining in without any substantiating evidence?

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via CBS News

One of the unjustly accused border agents, whose identity remains undisclosed for security reasons, has recently been honored for his exceptional efforts in combating human smuggling. Yet, there has been no apology from Biden or Mayorkas.

El Paso Times

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In September 2021, the El Paso Times captured images of mounted border agents managing a group of 14,000 Haitians attempting to cross the border unlawfully.