Bill Maher Bored by Trump: 'Doesn't Look Like the World is Falling Apart'

By Bo Beard | May 21, 2024

Falling apart

In a recent interview, comedian Bill Maher expressed his disinterest in the frequent warnings about the potential for Donald Trump to become a dictator. 

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Maher shared his perspective with New York Times' Maureen Dowd, stating that he is not inclined to constantly worry about the world falling apart each day. 

Past anxieties

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Reflecting on his past anxieties during Trump's presidency, Maher emphasized his reluctance to engage in similar distress again, suggesting that he will pay attention only if a catastrophic event occurs. While Democrats and certain media figures have raised concerns about a possible second Trump term leading to dictatorship, Maher, known for critiquing both President Biden and Trump, revealed his fondness for the complexity of the United States.