Bizarre Animals We Never Knew Existed

By | July 8, 2019

A giant African land snail can eat through a wall

The animal kingdom is a vast and varied group of creatures, many of which we’ll never get a chance to see up close. Thankfully, we’ve got plenty of photos of the most bizarre animals in the world to show you what you’re missing. Whether you’re curious about the strange fish that live in the depths of the open ocean, or nocturnal creatures who live in the trees of Africa we’ve got you covered.

These photos of strange animals will take you across the world on the hunt for cute animals that burrow through the ground, and one of the most ugly fish you’ll ever see. Let's go! 

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No, that’s not a rabbit in a Halloween costume, it’s an achatina fulica, otherwise known as a giant African Land Snail. Depending on how you feel about snails these big boys are either the cutest thing on the planet or they’re the thing that should not exist. Their bodies can grow up to about 15 inches long, and they get incredibly hungry.

In their 10 year life span they can eat through pretty much anything, and people who’ve kept them as pets have found that they can even chew through plaster walls. If you take a giant land snail home make sure you’ve got plenty of food ready.

Don't be fooled by the Bush Viper's hypnotic colors, it's the meanest animal in the bush

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The bush viper looks terrifying, and guess what, it is. These frightening, demonic looking, rough scaled creatures are mostly live in Nigeria and western Kenya, although they can also be found in northwestern Tanzania and northwestern Angola. This venomous species comes in shades ranging from bright red, to orange, brown, and green.

While they move fast when it’s time to catch their prey, bush vipers tend to sit still and coil up in order to conserve their energy. If they were constantly on the move they'd have to eat all the time, hence the stillness. When disturbed they strike quickly and they rarely miss.