Bizarre Photos From Studio 54 Explained

By | February 22, 2023

Model Jerry Hall Feeling Frisky in her Lacy Cat Suit. 

To get the full disco-era experience, one needed only to step inside the doors of Studio 54, the 1970s most well-known disco dance club. Sure, Studio 54 helped to launch the careers of some of the greatest musical groups of the day, but it was also the place to be seen. The hottest movie stars, TV personalities, and entertainers made Studio 54 their hangout. It wasn't just the music that attracted them. It was the atmosphere. In this collection of bizarre and salacious photos, we will get a behind the scenes look at the infamous Studio 54. 

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Jerry Hall had an eye for fashion and knew just how to push the boundaries for shock value. Many of the outfits she wore to Studio 54 were cutting edge and quite provocative. Perhaps her most iconic look was this lacy, cat suit she wore while prowling around the disco club one night. 

Fake I.D.? Nope, The Studio 54 Bouncers Let in Regular Drew Barrymore at Age 12. 

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Actress Drew Barrymore had a less-than-conventional childhood as one of Hollywood’s hardest working child actors. She later explained that her mother treated her like an adult friend instead of an underage daughter. She quipped that she spent more time at Studio 54 than she did at school. But Studio 54 was not a good environment for a child, exposing Drew to drugs, alcohol, and bad influences. She has been open about her addiction issues that plagued her early teen years, as well as her struggles with recovery.