Bone Chilling Photos of Abandoned Places

Abandoned Buildings | September 20, 2019

Written by Jacob Shelton

Whether they were once hospitals of office buildings, theme parks or restaurants, a myriad of buildings have been abandoned and left to turn into beautiful ruin across the world. While many of them are awe inspiring, there are just as many that give viewers the heebie jeebies. Whether they were roller coasters or shacks in the woods, these abandoned structures have been reclaimed by nature, leaving nothing but a mystery as to who called these places home.

What will our architecture look like when we’ve moved on? Will it crumble into the emptiness of an abandoned city? Will our cars be covered in ivy like some of the intriguing photos found here? Some of these pictures will give you goosebumps, others will make you nostalgic for better days, but they’ll all make you want to take a closer look at the deserted architecture that exists all around you. 

A spiral staircase in a former children's asylum in Staunton, Virginia

source: pinterest

Supposedly the patients at this former mental institution and asylum were mostly children who were kept here under strict supervision. Records show that the asylum was constructed in 1932 as a part of the Western State Hospital. The asylum’s namesake, Dr. Joseph DeJarnette, allegedly carried out eugenics tests in the hospital where he performed tests on children in order to cure them of being lackadaisical. One story notes that he took blood from “hyperactive” children and injected it into kids that were sluggish while walking the halls quoting Adolf Hitler. Some places are just meant to be abandoned, you know? 

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