Abraham Lincoln Signed This Book for a Kid in 1865. It Sold for $2.2 Million.

By | February 21, 2017

Over a year ago, an autographed manuscript composed by President Abraham Lincoln just a few weeks before his assassination has sold for more than $2.2 million during a New York City auction.

Heritage Auctions conveys that the document containing the final clause of Lincoln's famed second inaugural speech was bought for more than twice its pre-sale estimate.

lincoln autograph 1

In early March 1865, Lincoln's second inaugural address consisted of the now famous-phrase, "With malice toward none; with charity for all." Found on the second blank page of a 170-page autograph book, Lincoln had written his speech's final passage in 13 lines and signed it for a cabinet member John Palmer Usher's 10-year-old son. Lincoln was assassinated just six weeks later.

The Dallas-based auction house mentions that the collector who bought this document requested to remain anonymous.

lincoln autograph 2

lincoln autograph 3

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