Bride Is Given An Ultimatum on Her Wedding Day, Now She Regrets Her Choice

By | July 21, 2022


For a lot of women, their wedding day is very important. It is the day that they have long been waiting for and have been dreaming about since they were young girls. It is also a special occasion in a woman’s life that she wants to share with her loved ones as well as the loved ones of her husband who will now be her family. But what happens when a woman’s wedding is threatened to be ruined by the very family of the man she loves the most?

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Kelly was so happy to spend the rest of her life with her new husband and his family. Until she was even given an ultimatum — have the wedding of her dreams or have her soon-to-be husband’s entire family boycott the wedding.

Kelly and Colin

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It was an instant connection for Kelly Barker and Colin Lewis. When they met, it was like magic. Everything fell into place and Kelly knew that Colin was the man for her. He was everything she ever dreamed of in a man. Kind, honest, considerate, and hard-working. However, with all of these good qualities, Colin had a fatal flaw that Kelly was blind to. But not for long.