Brink's Building Robbery: The Heist That Tore A Gang Apart

A late-night robbery shook Boston 

The Brink's building heist of 1950 is one of the most daring robberies of the 20th century. Like something from a movie, the robbery itself went off without a hitch, but the aftermath brought the crack crew down. These guys were serious pros; no one was hurt, and everything was gravy until one of the group's members folded under pressure while he was in jail years later. Like a Scorsese movie but shorter, this is the story of a crew that could have made almost $3 million in 1950 money if they'd just kept their cool. Instead, greed brought them down, and no one made off with any of that sweet, sweet Brink's cash.

Source: WGBH

Around 7:30 P.M. on January 17, 1950, a gang of armed men wearing creepy masks, pea coats, and chauffeur's hats charged into the Brink's Building in Boston, Massachusetts. These cats were prepared: No one heard them stomping down the hall because their footsteps were muffled with crepe-soled shoes. Once inside, the robbers forced the five employees on duty to the floor, took a pair of their glasses, and emptied the vault of $1,218,211.29 in cash and $1,557,183.83 in checks, money orders, and other securities. Once the gang exited the building, they were like ghosts.