Calling Blighty: Videos Made by 600 Soldiers Found In Rusty Canisters, WW2

By | June 2, 2017

Hundreds of video clips, each lasting around 30 seconds made by 600 soldiers, were found in rusty canisters in the basement of Manchester Town Hall in England in 2015. The clips went on to form a special documentary that aired in the UK called Calling Blighty.

Some of the messages were awkward, cheeky, heart-warming and moving, many of the men had been away from home for seven years and were worried that their children or parents might not recognise them anymore.

Some of the soldiers filmed didn’t make it home, but the videos offer a snapshot into the thoughts of the troops as they spent so long being away from their families.

One soldier said to his family and wife:

“I hope you’re alright at home. I’m not doing so bad out here; it’s a bit warm. Getting decent grub, but missing the old fish and chips and a pint now and then, you know. Anyway, keep the bed warm until I get home, and we’ll get up them stairs. Cheerio.”

Credit: British Pathe | Channel 4