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Abandoned gift shop and restaurant still has untouched plushies 20 years after it was closed

Who doesn’t like looking at old things from the past? When we see interesting items from days gone by, we want to shout, in the words of Indiana Jones, “That belongs in a museum!” From priceless treasures to crumbling buildings and from abandoned vehicles to historic artifacts, these photos of cool old stuff will make you appreciate – or question – the past. 


Remember back twenty-plus years ago when everyone was buying up collectible plush toys because they were certain that they would be so valuable in the future that they could pay for their children’s college education by selling off their plushies? Yea, that was a crazy time. Wonder how much these plushies are worth today, after sitting untouched on the shelves of a shuttered restaurant’s gift shop. Do you think selling these dusty relics would net enough money to pay for tuition, room and board, and books at an Ivy League college?