Chilling Final Photos No One Was Supposed To See


Viewer discretion advised, these last known photos of people before they died and the stories behind them will send chills down your spine. Each shot, no matter how normal it seems, carries an eerie weight of finality to it. None of the people in these photographs lived long enough to take another.

Each photo offers insight into a dark side of life...some of these photos are heartbreaking, but it's still hard to look away.

You may think that you know the people in these photos, but these final shots show a darker side them than you already know. These dark and rare photographs are for mature eyes only.  

Look closer at the fear in the eyes of Nancy Spungen...photographed with boyfriend and killer, Sid Vicious 😈

source: reddit

There are toxic relationships and then there are toxic relationships. When Sid and Nancy got together in 1977 they were embroiled in a love affair with heroin at its center. After the Sex Pistols self destructed on stage Sid tried to get his solo career going in New York City while he and Nancy stayed at the Chelsea Hotel. The grimy hotel room was the last home that Nancy Spungen ever knew.

When Sid woke up on October 12, 1977, Nancy was dead on the bathroom floor with a knife in her abdomen - it was identical to the one that Sid owned. Sid was unsure of what exactly happened. Initially he thought that the two of them fought and that he stabbed her in the melee, and then he changed his story and said that Nancy fell on the knife, finally he claimed that he didn't remember what happened.

While there have been claims that a drug dealer or a stranger stabbed Nancy, all proof points to Sid dealing the killing blow in a drugged out state. A few months after Nancy's death, Vicious died of a heroin overdose, no one will ever know what happened in Nancy's final moments.