Chilling Historical Discoveries Captured More Than Expected 

By | November 22, 2022

Look closer at these rare photos that show dark and mysterious revelations thought to be lost to history, they each show a piece of the past that was once believed to be buried. The photos and stories collected here will take everything you know about history and turn it upside down, changing much of what you thought you knew about the past.

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Each picture that we've included here deserves a long look. Not only because they're truly spectacular shots, but they provide stories and insight that you won't find in history books... just keep in mind that not all of these stories are suitable for young eyes.

Proceed with caution... these must-see chilling historical photos may frighten and disturb. Each of them shows more than you expect, are you ready to have your world turned upside down?

Guardians at the Gateway in Melbourne, Australia

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source: instagram

These imposing Grecian figures are only two of the many mystical sculptures that can be found in William Ricketts Sanctuary in Mount Dandenong, Australia. Inspired by the indigenous people of his country, Ricketts used them as models for his work, a massive collection of statues that presented them as god-like stewards of the land.

As creepy as these statues may seem, Ricketts didn't want to frighten anyone. His goal in their creation was to give people a place to reflect on nature and what it means to be one with the world. He explained:

Each one of us is a transformer of Divine Power and when love finds form in sculpture and music we are richly blessed because through such we can reach God… Man is nature’s masterpiece, therefore claim your inheritance by giving her the co-operation you owe.