Chilling Photographs That'll Change Your Perspective

By Sophia Maddox | May 17, 2023

Things aren’t always as they seem. This collection of photographs will show you a view of history – its people, places, and events – that offers a different perspective than what we see in our history books. You will see famous people before they were stars, the final moments of some people’s lives, fads and trends of the past, and some intriguing slices of life in days gone by. History is full of fascinating little tidbits that make for wonderful stories. All we need to do to find them is to change our perspective.

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The identity of the woman in this photo from 1899 is unknown, but perhaps it was the photographer's daughter. (pinterest)

French businessman and industrialist Felix Thiollier didn’t make a living taking photographs, at least not at first. Photography was merely a hobby for him. As an art collector, Thiollier had an artistic eye and saw the world through the lens of an artist. He hobnobbed with noted photographers of the day including Paul Borel, Jean-Paul Laurens, and Francois Guiguet. Bolstered by their feedback, Thiollier took an early retirement to pursue his personal interests in art, photography, and archeology. As for this famous photograph, which Thiollier titled “The Horse Trainer”, Thiollier never identified the woman in the image, but experts believe it may have been one of his daughters. 

Outlaw lovers Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow knew how to work the media to become household names and romantic figures even as they killed nine police officers and four civilians and robbed numerous banks. 

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When stardom eluded Bonnie and Clyde, the couple turned to crime. (Pinterest)

Bonnie and Clyde longed to be famous. Bonnie hoped to be a singer, actress, and dancer. Clyde, who played the saxophone, wanted to be a famous musician. The quest for fame followed them into their criminal lives. The newspapers and crime magazines of the day spread their names across the country with often exaggerated accounts of their outlaw antics. Like an Instagrammer or YouTuber today, Bonnie and Clyde kept their fame growing by producing more content. In their case, it was a series of photographs of them posing with machine guns or pics like this one that emphasis their romantic relationship.