Chilling Photographs That'll Change Your Perspective

By Sophia Maddox | July 14, 2023

Between the 1930s and the 1980s, Iranian women were free to dress and style their hair how they wanted, like this young lady in the 1960s, but the Islamic Revolution of 1979 made the hijab a requirement for all women. 

Things aren’t always as they seem. This collection of photographs will show you a view of history – its people, places, and events – that offers a different perspective than what we see in our history books. You will see famous people before they were stars, the final moments of some people’s lives, fads and trends of the past, and some intriguing slices of life in days gone by. History is full of fascinating little tidbits that make for wonderful stories. All we need to do to find them is to change our perspective.

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Iranian women are no longer allowed to wear outfits like this in public. (twitter)

Iranian women were making great strides in the 1950s to 1970s. Thanks in part to the efforts of the Iranian Women’s Movement, women gained the right to vote, hold public office, and divorce their husbands. They enjoyed the freedom to wear whatever they wanted, like the carefree woman in this photograph. Iranian women had one foot in the modern world and were poised to take a big step. All that changed, however, after the Islamic Revolution of 1979. In the years that followed, more and more laws were passed to suppress the rights of women. The most noticeable of these laws had to do with the public dress code for women which required mandatory face veils for all females in public. 

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This bizarre-looking fish is the giant ocean sunfish. (Wikipedia)

There are all kinds of crazy-looking creatures in the world’s oceans and the giant ocean sunfish is no exception. Even without a tail, the giant ocean sunfish ties for the heaviest bony fish in the world. They can reach more than 4,000 pounds in adulthood. With its shortened body and missing tail fin, the giant ocean sunfish looks like a massive fish head at first glance, but don’t be fooled. This is a complete fish that can maneuver around quite well despite its missing tail fin. Divers are often taken aback by the sight of a giant ocean sunfish but they have no reason to worry. The sunfish eats only smaller fish and crustaceans. It is big but it is not a threat to humans.