Chilling Photographs That'll Change Your Perspective

By Sophia Maddox | December 17, 2023

Noted biologist Alice Eastwood inspecting the fault fissure left behind near Olema, California, after the 1906 earthquake rattled the San Andreas Fault.

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The 1906 earthquake offered a chance for all kinds of scientists to study the seismic event. (Wikipedia)

The epicenter of the great San Francisco earthquake of 1906 was actually north of the city near the sparsely populated, Olema, California. As this photograph from the time shows, the fault fissure was clearly visible. It ran for miles. This allowed scientists to study the fault line, even scientists from other disciplines. In this photo, Canadian-born botanist Alice Eastwood is observing the damage. Eastwood, a self-educated botanist, was the head of the botany department at the California Academy of Sciences at the time of the 1906 earthquake. She remained in this position until she retired in 1949. During her tenure, the department enjoyed tremendous growth. 

That’s dedication! When a soccer game in 1937 was canceled due to heavy fog, no one told the goalkeeper, Sam Bartram. He remained on the pitch for 15 minutes after the game was called. 

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This goalkeeper was the last man standing. (Twitter)

Soccer goalkeeper Sam Bartham, who played professionally for the Charlton Athletics, was playing a match against their rivals Chelsea in 1937 when a thick layer of fog settled over the pitch. Bartham later recalled watching as the fog rolled across the field, obscuring the opposing goal and all the players from sight. At first, he could see shadow figures moving in front of him. He kept his eyes peeled for an incoming soccer ball. After a while, he recalled, he noticed that the pitch was eerily silent. Still, he remained at his post. Long minutes passed and then Bartham saw a figure approaching him. To his surprise, it was not one of his teammates or a member of the opposing team. It was a police officer. The officer exclaimed, “What on earth are you doing here? The game was stopped a quarter of an hour ago!”