Chilling Photos Reveal Eerie Stories Of The Past

By Sophia Maddox | June 29, 2023

Marcel Marceau was a French mime and member of the French Resistance during the German occupation. Using his acting skills, he helped smuggle Jewish children from a French orphanage

More often than not when we look back on history we're doing so through the lens of nostalgia. While we like to remember heartwarming moments of the past, it's also denying the existence of some truly chilling stories from the past that are as fascinating as they are dark.

When you take a closer look at history through rare photos and stories you'll see that not everything is as sunny as the history books portray. Even when a photo claims to show something that's beautiful, if you look closer you'll see how spine-tingling history really is.

Each of these uncovered photos from history shows a new side to old stories, but they're not suitable for all audiences. You've been warned, now are you ready to look closer?

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It sounds like something out of a movie. An internationally renowned mime and performance artist helping Jewish children escape from Nazi occupied France, is it too good to be true? No way. The only thing that needs to be corrected is that Marseau wasn't a mime yet, he was just a teenager when he was helping the French Resistance.

Born Marcel Mangel, he changed his last name to Marceau to avoid detection by the Nazis and helped children at a Jewish orphanage escape to Switzerland. He performed this dangerous duty three times and saved hundreds of orphans. His cousin, Resistance commander George Loinger said of Marcel's courageous work:

The kids loved Marcel and felt safe with him. He had already begun doing performances in the orphanage, where he had met a mime instructor earlier on. The kids had to appear like they were simply going on vacation to a home near the Swiss border, and Marcel really put them at ease.

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Shirley Temple may seem like the child star who lived a golden life, but there's a dark undercurrent to her career that shows just how harrowing it was for a young person in the entertainment industry before there were rules set in place for working with children.

Temple was only three years old in 1932, the year she signed her first Hollywood contract. Her first film was a hyper sexualized "comedy" called the Baby Burlesks that saw her dressed as a prostitute in an oversized diaper who trades kisses for lollipops. It's absolutely insane that this was a film someone wrote and filmed. On top of that, the working conditions were abysmal. Historian John Kassan explained how director Charles Lamont would punish his actors:

To threaten and punish uncooperative child actors, the director, Charles Lamont, kept a soundproof black box, six feet on each side, containing a block of ice. An offending child was locked within this dark, cramped interior and either stood uncomfortably in the cold, humid air or had to sit on the ice. Those who told their parents about this torture were threatened with further punishment.