This Historic Ghost Town In Colorado Is Up For Sale

By | October 23, 2016

The small ghost town of Cabin Creek, Colorado, once a bustling highway stop, is available for sale as of August 2016.

The five-acre property, which is being offered for $350,000, includes an old cafe, a former service station, an eight-room motel and a classic old farmhouse. The current owner, James Johnson, also installed a newer mobile home due to the rundown nature of the property. An eight-space RV park and a shooting range round out the amenities.

Due to the rundown nature of the property, the current owner, James Johnson, also installed a newer mobile home to house interested buyers...


Disclaimer: The property is quite the fixer-upper, although Johnson has renovated some of the old houses and has started on the motel, though a considerable amount of work is still needed.


The service station includes a garage big enough for at least 12 cars, which makes it great for people who love to tinker. Despite its rustic feel and spacious layout, it is also located only 45 minutes from Denver, making for a reasonable commute.


Johnson had initially planned of restoring the town to its former glory and operating it as a tourist stop, but he has instead decided to sell it so he can retire and travel with his wife.


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