Colorized Photos Capture A Different Side To History Than You Already Know

By | November 10, 2020

Take a closer look at these handpicked photos from history, no longer in stark black and white but now in beautiful color. Each photo has its own amazing history, but seeing them in full color allows you to feel like you're really in the moment. You never know what's going to come up next...

Each photo is a must-see. Their stories are full of intriguing facts and jaw dropping tales, but they're not all fit for consumption.

⚠️ Warning, once you see these photos in full color black and white will never be the same... ⚠️

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Following World War II the people of Poland wanted to find beauty any way that they could, and they definitely weren't going to get it looking around the blown out buildings in places like Warsaw.

Instead, many people turned to photographs that used painted backdrops to create a sense of peace and serenity. It's understandable that the people of Poland wanted to go back to a time when they weren't embroiled in a massive war, and that they were still one with nature.

This image is stunning, not just because of the dichotomy between the two backdrops, but because of the way it shows just how much people want to forget.

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This is truly devastating. Following the sinking of the Titanic Michel And Edmond Navratil survived the doomed ship but were left all alone in the new world. It's not just that they were alone, it's that they were kidnapped and their mother didn't know where they were.

Taken by their father under the auspices of going on Easter break, he set off for America to keep them for himself. Registered as second-class passengers under false names to avoid being tracked by the French police, the trip was a pleasant one until the ship was struck by an iceberg. The last time the boys saw their father he was lowering them into a life boat.

They stayed temporarily in the home of another survivor, Margaret Hays, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, while the authorities attempted to track down their relatives. Because they spoke no English and were traveling under false names it was nearly impossible to find their families.

It wasn't until their mother spotted an article about the "Titanic Orphans" that she realized that her children were safe. Once their mother was able to give proper identification she took a trip to the New World to retrieve them. All's well that ends well.