Coming Full Circle: Revolutionary Ideas In Grocery Shopping

Grocery Store Interior, Washington DC, USA, Harris & Ewing, 1917. Source: (photo by: GHI/Universal History Archive via Getty Images)

Here’s a surprising fact – the current changes occurring in the grocery store industry are not the revolutionary and modern changes that we think they are. In fact, most of these present-day innovations harken back to the early days of the grocery story … the way our grandparents and great-grandparents bought their food. The mega-supermarket was a 1950s creation that was born out of desire for convenience. But consumers today are looking for a different food shopping experience that combines convenience with freshness and quality. To meet this demand, many grocery stores are not looking to the future, but looking to the past for ideas. Let’s look at how some of the revolutionary ideas in food shopping have come full circle, with a modern twist.