Confederate Spy Belle Boyd, The Siren Of Shenandoah

By | March 8, 2019

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Belle Boyd, confederate spy. 1862, photograph BPA 2# 708. Source: (

She was called the Siren of the Shenandoah, the Cleopatra of Secession, and the La Belle Rebelle. Isabella “Belle” Boyd was one of the most famous Confederate spies during the Civil War. Still a teen when the war broke out, Boyd’s heroic exploits during the Civil War and her adventurous life afterward have made her one of the most interesting women of 19th century America. Let us look at the extraordinary life of the Rebel Belle, Belle Boyd. 

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Belle Boyd. Source: (

Teenage Belle Boyd Shot a Union Soldier

Born in 1844, Belle Boyd was a smart and precocious child. She graduated from Mount Washington Female College in Baltimore at age 16 and then returned to her parents’ home in Martinsburg, Virginia, where her father was a shopkeeper. Belle assisted her mother in running the shop when her father enlisted in Stonewall Jackson’s unit. While Belle’s father was away, a Union soldier entered the family shop and assaulted her mother. Belle shot him dead. She was arrested but later acquitted of the killing, but the deed made her a heroine of the South.