Rare Photos Reveal A Different Side To History

Weird Rare Photos | June 5, 2018

Written by Lyra Radford

History is riddled with all kinds of creepy, grotesque, and downright disturbing events. Thanks to the magical artistic medium known as photography, some of those chilling and gawk-worthy moments and fascinating people have been immortalized on film and collected here in the pages that follow. So come and take a peek… if you dare. 

Giant octopus trying to pull a scuba diver back into its tank in Oregon.

Source: Reddit

Check out this audacious aquatic creature! He’s really going for it! He’s just suctioning himself along, hunting humans to bring back as offerings to Cthulhu. Can you imagine being that diver? Feeling those thick tentacles wrap around your ankles? How much do you want to bet every Science Fiction Horror movie he’s ever seen in his entire life, was flashing before his eyes at this exact moment? 

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