Dark Mysteries: The Creepiest Facts About Space

By Sophia Maddox | June 5, 2024

Astronaut Survival: Recycling Sweat and Urine for Water

Space, the final frontier, is filled with wonders that captivate our imagination and mysteries that send chills down our spines. While we marvel at the beauty of the stars, the vastness of the cosmos also harbors secrets that are deeply unsettling. Imagine astronauts returning to Earth with altered DNA, or vast chunks of the Milky Way mysteriously vanishing without a trace. Add to that the looming threat of solar superstorms capable of wreaking havoc on our planet's technology, and it's clear that the universe holds more than its fair share of dark mysteries. Delve into these eerie cosmic facts and uncover the unsettling truths that lie beyond our world.

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In the vast expanse of space, water is a precious commodity, leading astronauts to employ unconventional means for survival. NASA astronaut Scott Kelly's yearlong mission showcased this necessity, as he consumed approximately 730 liters of recycled urine and sweat to sustain himself. In the unforgiving environment beyond Earth's atmosphere, every drop counts, and this innovative approach highlights the lengths humans must go to adapt and thrive in the cosmos.

Astronauts' DNA is Changed by Space

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NASA/Robert Markowitz

The tale of astronaut Scott Kelly's yearlong sojourn at the International Space Station in 2016 carries with it a curious twist of genetic fate. Upon his return to Earth, Kelly discovered he had grown two inches taller, a startling physical transformation compared to his identical twin brother, Mike, who remained unchanged. Yet, the disparities didn't end there. Analysis of their DNA revealed profound differences beyond mere height, with Kelly's gut bacteria and gene expression undergoing significant alterations.

These genetic anomalies, attributed to the stresses of space travel disrupting biological pathways, have left a lasting mark on Kelly's genetic makeup. Although his height eventually reverted to its original stature, the other genetic changes appear to be irreversible, forever altering the once-identical nature of the Kelly brothers.