Disney Suffers Crushing Defeat In Court

By Daniel Walker | April 7, 2024

Disney's self-governing status

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Disney have settled their dispute over development control in the state. 

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via Disney

The battle revolved around the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District, the 40-square-mile area housing the renowned Walt Disney World resort. The dispute arose following the revocation of Disney's self-governing status by DeSantis and Republican lawmakers, culminating in a legal tussle that has now been resolved through a settlement.

Best interests

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via FOX 35 Orlando

DeSantis pushed legislation in response to Disney opposing his parental rights in education bill, replacing the district overseeing Disney projects. “Everything we’ve done has been in the best interests of the state of Florida, and we have been vindicated on all those actions,” DeSantis said.