Disturbing Images From The Dark Side Of The Entertainment Industry

By Sophia Maddox | June 6, 2023

Cute kids in "Village of the Damned" (1960) who are probably not a danger to humanity

We've got something for every ghoul and boy in this assortment of 60 of the most bone-chilling images from pop culture, sure to whip you into a spooky frenzy -- click on, if you dare. Proceed with caution -- you don't want to be the first dude who goes out to investigate the ruckus in the barn, but you don't want to be the Final Girl either, if you know what we mean. Ready, set -- boo.

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Are these kids alright? No, not at all. They're the mysterious youngsters from the 1960 British sci-fi/horror film Village of the Damned, and there is something very wrong with them. They were conceived at the same time, by different mothers, and no apparent fathers, and were all born on the same day. They grow and learn rapidly; after just three years they are as large and educated as 12-year-olds. And they have a particular appearance -- they dress nicely, they have the same hair color, they move around as a pack, and their eyes are completely vacant and weird. Steer clear of these kids.

The alluring Soledad Miranda in "Vampyros Lesbos" (1971)

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Soledad Miranda was a Spanish actress and singer who appeared in a wide variety of films during the 1960s, but is most famous for her work with horror/exploitation filmmaker Jess Franco. In particular, she appeared in Franco's Count Dracula (1969) and Vampyros Lesbos (1971) -- although she didn't live to see the latter film. Miranda was killed in a car accident in Portugal in 1970, aged 27. In the mid-1990s, a compilation of some of the film's music (along with tracks from two other Franco films) was released as Vampyros Lesbos Sexadelic Dance Party. The album featured Miranda on its cover and was dedicated to her, and became a surprise hit, entering the top 10 of the British alternative music chart.