Disturbing Movie Scenes Still Discussed Decades Later 

By Sophia Maddox | August 10, 2023

Man Bites Dog 

Welcome to our gallery featuring some of the most disturbing scenes in film history. For many of us, movies have been a way to escape from reality and be transported into new and exciting worlds. However, there are some films that take us to places we never wanted to go, showing us the darkest corners of humanity and the human psyche.

Some viewers may have seen these movies when they were first released, or perhaps they were introduced to them later in life. But regardless of when they were viewed, these movies have left an indelible mark on their viewers. From the unforgettable head-spinning scene in The Exorcist, to the chilling moment in Gerald's Game, where the protagonist is left alone and handcuffed to a bed after her partner dies from a heart attack, these scenes are sure to leave a lasting impression. So, let's take a deep dive into some of the most disturbing scenes in movie history and explore what makes them so unforgettable. Continue reading to experience the horror.

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This mockumentary follows the day in the life of a charismatic yet gruesome serial killer named Benoit. Throughout the film Benoit offers his thoughts on life and death while pushing his documentary crew to extremes. The most deranged and disturbing scene in the movie occurs when Benoit gets the crew that's been following him to help him commit a vicious and unconscionable assault on one of his victims. This scene is where the film turns from horror comedy to just plain horror.


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The movie Hereditary has some scary moments, but what makes it truly unsettling is the way it portrays grief and its effects. The scene that's most disturbing happens right after Charlie is beheaded and continues through her funeral. Before her death, the energy is intense as Peter rushes Charlie to the hospital. But when Charlie's head hits a post, everything stops. Peter is shocked, and he drives home without looking at his sister's remains. Later, in bed, he hears Annie screaming in the distance. We see Charlie's decapitated head covered in ants, and Annie on her hands and knees saying she wants to die. Peter stands alone in the hallway listening to his mother's cries. The camera moves with Charlie's casket as it's lowered into the ground, muffling Annie's sobs. The sequence perfectly captures the horror of grief and loss, which are timeless and inescapable.