Disturbing Movie Scenes Still Discussed Decades Later

By Sophia Maddox | October 28, 2023


Welcome to our gallery featuring some of the most disturbing scenes in film history. For many of us, movies have been a way to escape from reality and be transported into new and exciting worlds. However, there are some films that take us to places we never wanted to go, showing us the darkest corners of humanity and the human psyche.

Some viewers may have seen these movies when they were first released, or perhaps they were introduced to them later in life. But regardless of when they were viewed, these movies have left an indelible mark on their viewers. From the unforgettable head-spinning scene in The Exorcist, to the chilling moment in Gerald's Game, where the protagonist is left alone and handcuffed to a bed after her partner dies from a heart attack, these scenes are sure to leave a lasting impression. So, let's take a deep dive into some of the most disturbing scenes in movie history and explore what makes them so unforgettable. Continue reading to experience the horror.

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Aoyama, a middle-aged widower, is convinced by his son to start dating again before it’s too late. His friend, Yoshikawa, a film producer, suggests that they hold fake auditions for Aoyama’s “wife” and if he likes any of the women, he can ask them out. Despite the obvious flaws of this method, Aoyama agrees. When Aoyama looks through the headshots and resumes of the young actresses, he immediately becomes drawn to Asami Yamazaki, a former ballet dancer. After a montage of awkward and hilarious auditions, Asami comes in last, and Aoyama is entranced by her meek demeanor. They go out to dinner, and the movie takes a drastic turn. The second half of Audition becomes hallucinatory and grueling, featuring a prolonged torture scene where Asami gleefully tortures Aoyama with long needles and a wire saw while saying, “deeper, deeper.” It’s a truly disturbing sequence that’s hard to forget.

The Perfection

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A tense and spine-chilling 90-minute thriller, The Perfection, follows the story of two cellists, Allison Williams and Logan Browning, who harbor a dark secret. Without spoiling the ending for those of you who have yet to see it, an early scene in the film involves Williams’ character drugging and mutilating her new friend Lizzie (Browning) with levetiracetam. The side effects of this drug are very intense to say the least, and after Lizzie has a few drinks she begins to see things like bugs crawling out of her body. Things reach a fever pitch when Lizzie comes to the drugged up realization that the only way to stop the bugs is by cutting off one of her hands. The entire movie is full of moments like this, but this scene is the one that will weed out the viewers who can’t stomach this kind of action.