Disturbing Photos From Studio 54

By Sophia Maddox | December 22, 2023

Dustin Hoffman shows off his wild '70s fashion on the dance floor

A glimpse behind the curtain of history can tell us so much about the stars and celebrities that we think we know so much about. Seeing photos of the events as they unfolded, colorized just for you, shows just how decadent the most famous club in the world really was.

Studio 54 was the one club where the famous and the infamous mixed with reckless abandon, with lines of would-be dancers begging to be let inside. What happened behind the walls of this storied New York City club? How late did the parties go, and exactly what did stars like Mick Jagger, Jamie Lee Curtis, and a very young Drew Barrymore get up to at these all-night ragers?

Look closer, these new colorized rare photos and stories dig deeper into the history that you think you know to tell the real stories and hidden secrets of Studio 54.

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Is that Dustin Hoffman staring out at us through the camera lens? It certainly looks like it. He may be known for his stature as a critical darling, but he was getting down at Studio 54 just like the rest of New York City in the '70s.

At the time, Hoffman says that his private life was nothing like his public persona. He later confessed that the '70s were the "candy store years," where he did whatever he wanted with whomever he wanted. Hoffman admitted that when he was Studio 54 he was up to no good but that he put those days behind him.

Robin Williams loved to bring his wife to Studio 54

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Fame brings a darkness upon people, even the most outrageous of us all. Robin Williams was only at the beginning of his lengthy career when he started going to Studio 54, but according to eye witnesses he was already being followed by a cloud. He was one of many stars who let it all hang out at the club, but he did it enough to draw notice.

Mark Fleischman, who purchased Studio 54 from its original owners at the dawn of the '80s, writes that the club's most extravagent years were fueled by wild parties:

I partied with the people who loved [going crazy]. Belushi would get extremely aggressive with the clientele and staff. Robin ­Williams would get very energetic and funny.