Don Juan - The Man - The Legend - The Myth

By Marion Wijnberg
Byron as Don Juan, with Haidee, 1831

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “He’s a typical Don Juan”. For centuries, some men have been labeled as smooth-talking, woman chasing, bad and almost dangerous -for-women-to-fall-for types of guys, as a Don Juan. While some men like the idea that they’re somewhat of a Don Juan…others try to steer clear of that reputation. In fact, a non-clinical term, Don Juanism is used to describe a man who desires to have multiple sexual conquests with women. Even today, women will warn their girlfriends about avoiding this type of guy at all cost.

Was this the type of man Lord Byron, most famous for his epic work, Don Juan, had in mind or was it meant to be satirical?

The legend purports the idea that, Don Juan is a famous aficionado and rogue of love who has claimed to have had over a thousand sexual encounters with women who fell for his romantic and charming ways.