Donald Trump Explodes On Dems With Scorching Hot Statement

By Daniel Walker | April 5, 2024

Fake News

Former President Donald Trump grabbed attention once more as he shared his views on the 2024 presidential election and the Democratic Party through his platform, Truth Social.

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Fox News

"They are all on TRUTH because the have to be. So don’t believe the FAKE NEWS. Until I came along and exposed them, they were respected and believed. Now they are the exact opposite," Trump said.  

Trump sounds off on Democrats

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 “All of the competitors to TRUTH SOCIAL, especially those in the Radical Left Democrats Party who are failing at every level, like to use their vaunted ‘disinformation machine’ to try and convince people, and it is not easy to do, that TRUTH is not such a big deal and doesn’t ‘get the word out’ as well as various others, which they know to be false," Trump began.