Doomsday Bunkers: These Are The Coolest Bunkers Ever

By | March 20, 2020

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A fake lawn sprawls before the doors of this Las Vegas bunker. (The Verge)

Everyone on Earth will someday have to confront the fact that they will die. Some people leave it at that, content to literally shrug off this mortal coil. Others obsess about it—and start getting ready for it. In a world as unstable as ours, is it any wonder some people get unstable, too? Here are 15 of the wildest doomsday bunkers known to man. 

Las Vegas's "Outdoor" Bunker

Just because the world has come to an end doesn't mean your hobbies have to. This flamingo-pink, 15,200-square-foot fallout shelter will keep you occupied through the apocalypse with any "outdoor" activity you might desire. It's got fake trees, fake grass, and even a fake countryside to admire. To top it all off, a putting green, swimming pool, sauna, two hot tubs, a dance floor (and bar), and adjustable light settings for anytime of day are all within a hopefully nonmutated arm's reach. Yes, there are fake stars. It was built in 1978 to outlive a nuclear blast; at the very least, it has outlived fashion.

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Greenbrier Resort. (Mental Floss)

The Greenbrier Resort & Bunker

Constructed in the 1950s by men who weren't allowed to know what they were building, "Project Greek Island" was a closely guarded secret until 1992, when journalist Ted Gup let the cat out of the bag. Greenbrier is located 20 feet underground in West Virginia, but don’t worry, an advanced ventilation system is ready to take care of radiation as well as oxygen to keep things from getting too claustrophobic. Two feet of concrete and a layer of steel cocoon the massive complex, which includes two rooms for congressmen and senators to hold sessions, a TV studio, and rather uninspiring metal bunk beds. The idea behind the bunker was not so much to stay alive in style as to keep the government running in the wake of whatever disaster cropped up next.